Wilson nVision Starters Deal

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Kit including the Wilson nVision squash racket, Wilson squash ball Red dot and a Wilson Single Wristband.

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    Wilson nVision Starters Deal

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Materiaal N/B
Gewicht racket N/B
Snaarpatroon 14 x 19
Bladgrootte 470 cm2
Balans None


The Wilson nVision Starters Deal consists of:

  • Wilson nVision squash racket
  • Wilson squash ball Red dot
  • Wilson Single Wristband

Wilson nVision Squash Racket

The Wilson nVision Squash Racket features a vibration dampener for increased comfort whilst all-round performance and durability is provided through nCode Technology.

Wilson nCode Technology

When a racket is ncoded, nano-sized silicon dioxide crystals permeate the voids between the carbon fibres. This adjustment made at the molecular level significantly strengthens and enhances the stability of the overall carbon matrix. nCoded rackets have double the strength; double the stability and an increase of 22% over other rackets. It all adds up to extract your maximum potential on court.

Wilson squash ball Red dot

The Red Squash Ball is not the fastest, but it still bounces more than enough! It is the perfect Squash Ball for having some fun with your friends without being a Squash specialist.

  • High Performance Squash Balls with consistent bounce and playability
  • Approved to World Squash Federation Specifications

Wilson Single Wristband

Wipe the sweat from your brow with this Wilson wristband featuring cotton/terry cloth for maximum absorbency and comfort.

Content: 90% Cotton, 6% Elastic, 4% Nylon 
Sizes: One Size Fits Mos

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