Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex

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Racket voor de technische speler die met gevoel en power speelt.

Levertijd: 3 - 5 Dagen

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    Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Basaltex
  • https://www.squashwebwinkel.nl/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/c/a/carboflex_130_basaltex_750.jpg

Extra informatie

Maat Nee
Merk Tecnifibre
Materiaal Basaltex Graphite
Gewicht racket 130
Snaarpatroon 14 x 18
Bladgrootte 500 cm2
Balans Head light


The Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Texalium Squash Racket - Very light racket with

easy power designed for touch players. Mid-balance racket with stiff construction

weighing only 135g. Constructed with Texalium technology for unprecedented power

to your game. As used and endorsed by top squash player and previous World


The Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Squash Racket with Texalium Technology
Texalium developed by Hexcel is an exclusive fibre mostly used in aircraft and

spacecraft industries. The secret is its stiffness to mass ratio is exceptional and

its specific weaving provides unprecedented power and resilience despite its light

weight. The results, Texalium provides increased ball speed while maintaining

outstanding feel.

Tecnifibre offers very high quality squash products with different concepts

developed for the rackets and different techniques used for the range of the

strings. All with the benefit of Tecnifibre's ongoing experience of competition play.

The latest complete range of squash rackets have been developed, tested and

improved with the assistance of international champions.

Key Features of the Tecnifibre Carboflex 130 Squash Racket

Material: Graphite Texalium
Weight: 135 g
Balance: 368 mm
Length: 68.5 cm / 27 in
Headsize: 510cm / 79 sq.in.
Beam: 18 mm
String Pattern: 14 x 18
Grip: TF squash grip


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