Tecnifibre 305 1,2 mm 9 meter

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De groene squash snaar van Tecnifibre. De 305 van 1.2 mm 9 meter

Levertijd: 3 - 5 Dagen

Advies prijs: € 24,00

Onze prijs € 10,95

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    Technifibre 305 1,2 mm 10 meter

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Maat Nee
Dikte snaar 1.2 mm
Merk Tecnifibre
Materiaal Nee
Gauge 1.2 mm


Available in 1.20 mm the string is the award winning number one selling Tecnifibre squash string, and is largely used by professionals on tour including Ramy Ashour and Alistar Walker.

The multifilament construction combined with a minimum 40% Matrix PU content provides the player with ultimate power and comfort, whilst providing maximum shock absorption.

Where up to 40% of the rackets performance is derived from the string bed it is critical that you have the best string in your racket!

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