Victor squashschoenen, voordelig en uit voorraad leverbaar
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  1. Victor inlegzool VT-XD8

    Victor inlegzool VT-XD8

    De VT-XD-8 is een inlegzool met een zeer hoge veerkracht bedoeld voor met name sportschoenen. De zool is voorzien van de nieuwe ENERGYMAX 3.0 technologie en is voorzien van een elastische kussentjes voor een optimale pasvorm en comfort. Het gegolfde patroon zorgt voor een uitzonderlijk goed antislip effect. Meer info

    Advies prijs: € 10,95

    Onze prijs € 6,95

  2. Victor A501 2018-2019

    Victor A501 2018-2019

    Attractive shoe with an excellent price/performance ratio. The shape has been designed to fit the specific needs of badminton, including a wider ball area and strengthened heel cover that increases stability during fast movements. In addition, the ENERGYMAX cushioning in the inner sole ensures an easy transmission of force, but also a noticeable support to the ankle. This shoe is ideal for the beginner level player and will ensure continuous fun, safety and success on the badminton court. buy Meer info

    Advies prijs: € 59,95

    Onze prijs € 52,95

  3. Victor A180 2018-2019

    Victor A180 2018-2019

    This light weight model shortens the contact time on the court thanks to the low-cut outsole. As a result, the response time decreases significantly, while fast and dynamic movements benefit from the improved flexibility. The tyre-like profile provides excellent grip on the court floor and is supplemented by small flex grooves in the outsole of the forefoot area which enables a natural motion and thus a high wearing comfort. Meer info

    Advies prijs: € 79,95

    Onze prijs € 69,95

  4. Victor SH-A320 ladies 2018-2019

    Victor SH-A320 ladies 2018-2019

    The proven ladies' shoe in a new design for a striking performance on the court! The slimmer fit with integrated BraceTek technology fits the individual foot structure perfectly and provides the best possible support during risky movements. The EnergyMax cushioning ensures comfortable wear from the beginning while the mesh inserts in the upper material facilitate a permanent air circulation. The Radiation outsole provides the best grip on the court floor. Meer info

    Advies prijs: € 99,95

    Onze prijs € 74,95

  5. Victor SH-A360 2018-2019

    Victor SH-A360 2018-2019

    The SH-A360 features a reinforced sole construction and an extended mesh insert above the instep that provides the necessary freedom for the foot during the pushing movement, but still maintains a stable fit. The wider ball area optimally dispenses energy during impact in order to noticeably improve the lateral and rebound stability. The high-quality ENERGYMAX cushioning in the heel ensures an effortless energy transfer. Meer info

    Advies prijs: € 99,95

    Onze prijs € 82,95

  6. Victor A730 2018-2019

    Victor A730 2018-2019

    The A730 focuses on absolute stability in motion. While the ENERGYMAX 3.0 cushioning reduces stress in the ankle, the significant strengthened heel and back area ensures a secure fit. The additional side TPU applications do not only reduce the risk of falling over after jumps and sidesteps, but also protect the material from abrasion on the hall floor. To prevent unwanted twist of the outer sole and overall fabric, the inserted carbon part provides an extremely resilient framework. Meer info

    Advies prijs: € 123,95

    Onze prijs € 99,95

  7. Victor A960 2018-2019

    Victor A960 2018-2019

    The top shoe for 2018 offers extraordinary stability, comfort and style. The Neo Duplex wedge structure combined with ENERGYMAX 3.0 on top, and Light Resilient EVA beneath offers excellent energy absorption and stability. The new LS-S design significantly strengthens lateral stability while the multidirectional grooves are designed to cater to the fast changing dynamics in badminton games. The new generation shoe tongue (X-FIT) is made with highly elastic material which perfectly fits like a second skin. Meer info

    Advies prijs: € 169,95

    Onze prijs € 124,95

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