Head i 110 squash

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Head i 110 squashracket
Beam: 19,5 mm
Head size: 495 cm²
Weight: 110 g
Balance: 355-375 mm
Length: 685 mm
Colors: grijs/zwart

Levertijd: 2 - 3 Dagen

Advies prijs: € 159,00

Onze prijs € 69,95

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    Head i 110 squash racket

Extra informatie

Maat 69 cm
Materiaal Grafiet
Gewicht racket 110
Snaarpatroon 12 x 17
Bladgrootte 495 cm2
Balans Head light


Head i 110 squash racket


The revolutionary HEAD intellifibres of the Head i.110 stiffen the racket during ball impact and give it an inconceivable amount of power. HEAD intellifibres also eliminate 20% of the vibrations upon impact of the ball. Featuring PowerFrame technology for incredible stability and PowerPattern for a maximum sweetspot.

Intelligence technology is a high-tech application of advanced concepts that controls the performance of products and systems, operating them at their most efficient levels. Apart from HEAD Squash, these intelligent systems have up to now only been used for military and civilian aircraft construction, in space travel and in automobile construction of world leading corporations.



Specification of the Head i.110 Squash Racket

  • Swing Style Rating: Power
  • Beam: 19.5 mm
  • Head Size: 495 cm²
  • Weight (unstrung): 110-130 g
  • Balance (unstrung): 355-375 mm
  • Length: 685 mm
  • Grip: ComforTac™
  • String pattern: PowerPattern™, 12/17


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