Feather Heavy Hitter

Kort overzicht

Een echte 'heavy hitter" voor de technische speler door de perfecte verdeling van titanium aan de bovenzijde van het blad en een mix van titanium en carbon in de steel/grip van het racket.

Levertijd: 2 - 3 Dagen

Advies prijs: € 139,95

Onze prijs € 109,95

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Extra informatie

Maat Nee
Merk Feather
Materiaal Nee
Gewicht racket Nee
Snaarpatroon Nee
Bladgrootte 500 cm2
Balans Even


The Feather Heavy Hitter uses a familiar frame design. The mold of this racket is the same as that used for the hugely popular Dunlop Blackstorm 500 racket as well as other brands. The reason it endures is that it is a very successful design - a forgiving racket with good control that suits a wide range of players and playing styles. The Feather version has all the qualities that come with frame, but with the addition of titanium, nickel and carbon meshing at key areas to provide additional strength. This should result in an robust and less breakable racket.Feather have also balanced the racket perfectly, so that while its pickup weight may seem a lot nowadays, it plays lighter, while still having enough weight to add extra power to shots. The Feather strings are good, similar to Ashaway Supernick XL and we liked the metallic green finish.

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