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Hi-Tec schoenen 4:sys S750, populaire squasdhschoenvan Hi-Tec.Schoenmaat is maat + 1/2

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Advies prijs: € 69,95

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Advies prijs: € 69,95

Onze prijs € 64,95

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    Hi-Tec 4:sys S750  zwart

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Hi-Tec S750 4:sys squashschoen zwart


The Hi-Tec S701 4:SYS squash shoe is Hi-Tec's top of the range performance squash shoe used by World No.1 & Commonwealth Games Champion Nick Matthew, four time World Champion Amr Shabana and four time British Open Champion David Palmer.

The Hi-Tec S701 4:SYS squash shoe features 4:SYS midsole, Impact Zone and Peak Force outsole technologies and is the most advanced high performance shoe in the Hi-Tec range.

The court is where it all started for Hi-Tec. Their original success grew from the breakthrough design of Hi-Tec’s first ever shoe, the Hi-Tec Squash Classic, specifically designed for the then fast growing game of squash.

Hi-Tec continue to push the boundaries with their squash shoe development with new technology introductions such as V-Lite and 4:SYS.

SYS midsole allows the foot to move in a more natural manner and provides cushioning and support where required. SYS midsole also helps reduce energy transfer from heel strike to when the shot is played.

Impact Zone is located in the heel and helps to control and stabilise the foot on landing by providing cushioning, shock absorption and support.

Peak Force outsole is located in the 'waist' of the shoe this provides maximum grip, increases stability and control.

Hi-Tec and biomechanical experts, Quintic Consultancy have researched the forces exposed to squash players through pressure mapping and video analysis. The results showed that whilst a runner is exposed to an average of three times their bodyweight of force, squash proved to be much more high impact and can cause up to SIX times bodyweight!

Now imagine the implication this may have on a regular player’s knees, ankles and hip joints. With the single-minded focus of producing a shoe that is purely based around performance, Hi-Tec delivered the 4:SYS range that is proven to be the world’s ‘best indoor performance collection’.

Three unique technologies combine to achieve this claim:
The Impact Zone provides up to 38% more effective heel impact absorption
The 4:SYS midsole delivers up to 34% reduction in total forces when the shot is played
The Peak Force outsole gives up to 6 times better grip than other major brands tops shoes

Essentially the results from independent testing show dramatic reduction in both impact forces and loading rates, the time your body has to deal with the force. Both of which are known to be a key predictor in the potential for sports related injuries. So for more control, cushioning and grip the Hi-Tec collection is proven to still be the best available for you and your game.

The Hi-Tec S701 4:SYS squash shoe also benefits from Hi-Tec’s new innovative ion-mask.

Ion-mask technology is breakthrough technology from Hi-Tec which binds to the surface of the shoe meaning it is able to repel most liquids, keeping your feet drier than ever previously possible.

Other features include:
V-Lite Technology:
A combination of materials and technologies designed to produce a lightweight shoe without compromising either comfort or performance.

Comfort-Tec Custom Footbed System:
Insole made up of three layers providing maximum comfort:
Moisture wicking top layer
Poliyou, an anti-bacterial material, which provides odour control
Memory Foam layer for an ultimate foot shaped fit.

Gusseted 'stay straight' air mesh tongue:
Designed with locking lace eyelets to ensure a perfect fit.

Abrazone is a specifically selected PU material with high resistance to wear. More protection than standard PU and is used in areas where durability is key.


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