Hi-Tec 4:sys H700 grijs, maat 46

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Hi-Tec schoenen 4:sys H700 Metaalkleur (2009/2010) geschikt voor alle zaalsporten.Schoenmaat is maat 4:sys H700 Alle andere Hi-Tec is schoenmaat + 1/2

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    Hi-Tec 4:sys H700  grijs

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Hi-Tec H700 4:sys grijs


For the past three years Hi-Tec have been working with the leading footwear research and testing centres such as SATRA and Quintic Consultancy to examine the dynamics of movement in a variety of activities. The basis of the approach, utilising the latest pressure mapping technology, was to assess and evaluate the high pressure areas of the foot during those specific sports. Two research papers were commissioned, firstly into the running/walking gait and most recently into the court sports Squash & (Speed)Badminton.

Working closely with Quintic and our top players HI-TEC the new 4:SYS Court collection has been independently shown to provide more cushioning, control and grip than any other brand tested.
V-Lite technology incorporates tha best of 4 Sys in a lighter weight. Squash players using Hi-Tec include David Palmer, James Willstrop and Lee Beachill. (Speed)Badminton players using Hi-Tec include Gail Emms, Nathan Robertson and Kenneth Jonassen.


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